Friday, November 4, 2011

"After You Win the "Lottery-Winning-Number" - What Will You Do With Your Fortune Money"

Some people who won the "lottery winning number" had more problems than solutions. Because it seems that, regardless of the number of winners they have obtained, they become more poorer than before in just a few years of spending their lotto prize money.

Sometimes lack of proper planning and wise spending. Other times, you lose ... or has as an English soccer player George Best once said: "I spent most of it in the alcohol, women and fast cars .. The rest is lost"

This is what you should do, after saving it to your bank account:

First, do not listen to the advice of your friend. They rarely have the financial expertise to advise you. Although their interests at heart and are well intentioned, still they are not the people, should seek advice.

It's the time to seek for a financial advisor at a major bank.Ask for a Vice-President of the accounts of high net worth (high net worth individuals) have been successful. Most banks have a separate special place for this division.

Second, take some break for spending to much,block the budget and don't spend even a cent. Your natural instinct if you won a "lottery winning number" is to consume the money to pay everything, giving a gifts for family and friends. But I do not do this yet. Ask for some advice on how to avoid taxes by merely giving a gifts, prosecutors in some jurisdictions are strict in imposing tax for this. From here you can end up with a tax bill that could wipe out much of your lottery prize money.

Third, you do not hear much about these proposals, but is based on centuries of wisdom based on experience ...

Do not spend your winnings. Instead, make a fortune by providing a steady source of income for you. Back in the bygone era, the rich in general. "Don't touch the capital." Capital in the form of cash or income-producing buildings, was the source of all revenue.

The land and the resources invested produced a steady stream of cash flows. The rich lived  in interest or rent, and never touch the capital.

It is recommend to place their profits in commercial real estate, bonds or other financial instruments by the consultant for high net worth, income, and life everlasting. For if their capital is spent it will disappeared forever.

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"How to make "lotto-winning-number" - Win the Lotto with 3 Faster Tips"

If someone tells you that you will win lotto-winning-number, at the end of the next 110 games.How fast you will play? I guess you'll play like crazy, from day of the game and until the final night, until you reach the magic lotto winning number. The reality of this theory can not be overstated. It is known that to improve your luck, simply increase the amount bet to all of your lottery games and be persistent.

Previously there were a few community newspapers I owned a few years ago and I want to sell advertising to my retailers. I realized one thing everytime I visit all 10 store sites , I will have at least four sales in average. So if I have to make  8 sales, I just had to visit only 20 stores. Insurance Agent knows that the relationship between the same percentage of sales calls and sales. For every 100 telemarketing calls you receive there will be a guaranteed number of sales - and it rarely changes.

Thus enhancing the mystery surrounding the number of wins on each draw of lotto winning number, speed up - do more to increase your chances of winning. This happens in three ways:

1. Do you play a game per week? Try adding different game. If you play correctly,the possibilities of winning will be doubled.

2. Instead of buying a one or two in a game, try to buy 50 cards in the same game. Now your chance to win a lotto winning number grown into a wide margin.

3. Participate in the syndicate. This automatically increases the number of income opportunities. Read the stories of the Powerball lottery winners on their website. Numbers for the lottery, for many unions choose the lotto winning number.

As a catastrophic result, your chances of winning as many lottery winning numbers will have a major boost in most of the game. Quickly expand your reach and you'll be surprised how effective it is.

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“How to Win “Lotto Winning Number” - 6 Tips to Lottery Success”

So you need to win lottery winning number games as quickly as possible. Have you already organized your  lottery strategy? If not, do not worry ... Winning the lottery is not difficult if you know what could go  wrong.

Check out these Six Strategic advice on the best games in the lottery, and you see your chances of winning  results through the roof, pull!

Tip # 1) Read more entries. The ticket, or five lines per game is not enough. Select more than one line -  much more, and they are all in one game. If your budget is to low  take it easy and wait until you can afford to  play more lotto winning number in a game. This is the best way to approach a winning lottery games.

Tip # 2) Does not always win on a regular basis? Most probably you play very few lotto winning number in each game. There are  several ways to win Lotto, but do not expect to play four games  every week betting in different cards instead of concetrating and focusing with only one game, with  which you expect a quick result. Winning the lottery is just a matter of focus of the strategy of  the lottery, and focus on one game alone is much better.

Tip # 3) And you could not win every week? Go ahead. Persist. Success comes with the consistent players.

Tip # 4)Doubtful to spend a couple of tickets more? Check this ... The lottery is like a baseball game ...  You don't have access to the stadium, if you have not bought a ticket at the entrance gate. Get in the game and play more and determine with winning attitude.

Tip # 5) Do you have aggressive goals. They are a little more exciting planning in the lead. Travel abroad  for a new home, the extravagant gifts to your friends ... Keep these major motivation to oneself and be enthusiastic thus it will come true.

Tip # 6) Do not depend on picking up the tickets tips on lottery outlet. With so much information online, you  should not playing the lottery games in the dark.

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